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Artist NICK MASLOV calls his works "STRUCTURES". His Structures - rain, spring grass shoots, a winter snow- covered bush, a summer morning pierced by light beams and patches of sunlight on the water surface - draw gaze, ask for a good look, exposing inner movement and development, hidden from a quick glance in the labyrinths of tiny geometric details and fragments. Structural composition basis lies in air and light, in colour and graphic beams, which string together the lives of fragments in "stained-glass" paintings. Richness of polyphonic colour  sounding in his canvases is formed by the ascending or descending currents of ljght, wind and rain energy, which entered the artist sight.                                                                     MEMBER of the Moscow Artists  Union since  1992    MEMBER of the Russian  Theatre Professional Union sins  2013                                                                                            Graphic, photo, painter. Production designer, theatre and film costume designer, author of designer clovers and accessories collection, developer of advertising concepts for famous brands, interior designer, art-director. Designer of 40 theatre productions and about 10 films, music videos, commercials, author of animated  films.                             BLUE  DIAMOND  PHOTO  AWARD  Autumn  Session  2014. PALM ART AWARD IEXCELLENCE   recognition and appreciation of  the outstanding originality and quality of his  art.   2014                                                                                  PRIX DE L EXCELLENCE  Paris 20 octobre 2017                           

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